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We think that doing business is a vocation and that is the result of a precise choice: to follow one's dreams without fear of comparison and to be ready to not give up, even in the worst moments. We believe in these types of people and in their ideas as much as they do. We know how important the company is for each of its founders, for its CEOs or stakeholders, and is for this reason that we are committed to protecting its value by optimizing the start-up phase, the management of human resources, tax strategies and the audit of management policies. Being centrally managed, our advisory services offer a single strategy and a single interlocutor with reduced times and costs.
An important aid for every sector.
We love to follow and plan the company in every phase and we like to do it by inspiring trust. We are convinced that the requirement of a business owner is to know the "how to do" rather than simply the "what to do": for this reason we provide consultancy with a managerial approach, addressed to the executive needs of the company and the implementation of strategies that simplify the tax and law compliance processes.
Participating and dialog as you grow.
We have been operating since 1998 with a precise idea: to support closely those who start a business by providing specialized consultancy in an integrated way. We do so by monitoring, informing and providing constant advice. By means of continuous updates on your business reality and on the opportunities offered by the regulatory environment we add value to your trade while allowing you to stay focused on your business activities. Thanks to our multi-channel (email and social networks) we are able to provide comprehensive answers in a short time.
Constant evolutions
We believe in the value of excellence and, thanks to this passion, we are part of the limited number of consultancy companies operating in Italy to be certified with ISO 9001: 2015 confirming the best practices by service providers with high quality standards. Every year, privacy, service performance and data security push us to invest 15% of the revenue in IT infrastructures and 12% in specific training activities addressed to the entire professional team of LifeCapital.
With an integrated service for the overall management of the workforce, we optimize and simplify HR processes, promoting better management performance.
Through the outsourced management of the payroll function we add value to your business by freeing up resources that can be concentrated in new projects.
Personnel costs represent an important item of company costs. We elaborate and analyze the costs of human resources in advance to allow you to influence corporate development strategies.
The data provided by the payroll processing are often difficult to read and analyze from the balance sheet analysis point of view: we make the payroll data clear from a business and strategic point of view.
Developing tax strategies lined up to the needs of your business and consistent with the potential of your company is crucial for sustainable growth. We assist the organization in planning, compliance and reporting, helping you maintain effective relationships with tax authorities in a constantly changing regulatory environment.
Within the next 5 years 20% of the SMI will have a new member. We facilitate corporate transitions through the detailed examination of the economic and business aspects as well as the legal and tax aspects of a company with the aim of obtaining more information on the opportunities and future risks of companies subject to imminent acquisitions.
We help your organization to set medium to long-term growth objectives, obtain concrete results, and undertake a path of improvement that is sustainable but, above all, continuous.
We help your organization to set medium to long-term growth objectives, obtain concrete results, and undertake a path of improvement that is sustainable but, above all, continuous.
We identify the right subsidise to finance your projects through the analysis of needs and areas of expertise, advice on the best financial solutions, mediation with the credit company and complete assistance at all stages of the process.
Through an integrated approach, we define and share innovation and development strategies by applying standardized innovation processes that guarantee stability and diffusion within the organization.
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